Youth in Security of Election Processes

19.09.2013 21:12
About event: 

“West-Resource” Public Union on Civil Society Development Support conducted the presentation of a new web-site at "Intelligent Citizen" ECPU on September 19 2013.

“West-Resource” Public Union on Civil Society Development Support is implementing the project titled “Youth in Security of Election Processes” with financial support of United States of America Embassy in Azerbaijan. The project aim is to achieve youth participation in securing a transparent election process via online opportunities. The website was created for the purpose of the project. This is a tool to easily crowd-source information using multiple channels, including SMS, email, Twitter and the web. The main function of the website is to discover and to bring to light violations of election rules. The young people and observers will be able to collect information on violations of election rules and placing them on the website and this eventually takes a form of a map. The website was set up on Ushahidi Platform that allows all observers and citizens engaged in the process of election processes observation to use it through following methods: 

  • By clicking on ““Xəbər Göndər” on the website the users can send information in different forms: video-records, photos, articles, messages, the results of monitoring, interviews relating to the election process;
  • Via special Facebook and Twitter account on the website the other organizations, citizens, observers can share and correspond within the website;
  • It is possible to use the links of other organizations involved into the process of election process monitoring;
  • In the Presidential Election Day on October 9, the users can watch the information and violations of electoral rules (through the map on the website) in the different electoral constituency of Azerbaijan Republic.