Be a Youth Advocate

23.12.2013 12:35
Project Summary: 

Youth in regions of Azerbaijan have no clear understanding of what advocacy is and how it differs from other roles and services. In order to respond to this need, we propose a project, which aims to build the capacity of the youth to advocate for their rights and to prepare them for their future role as active citizens. For that purpose, we are planning to organize a training course for 20 youth on advocacy. Participants will be provided an opportunity for participants to design an advocacy process to implement as a follow-up of the training.  A Facebook page will be opened to facilitate networking, exchange of information, sharing experiences and good practices among youth participants.

We will choose 20 youth ages 16-26 to participate in our training course. Participants for training course will be selected among students, disabled youth and also among the young NGO activists from Ganja city, districts of Goygol, Samukh and Shamkir. The selection will also take into account gender balance and promote equal opportunities for all project participants. Final beneficiaries are the family members, friends, and classmates of the direct project participants.The financial support was provied to us by US EMBASSY ALUMNI SMALL GRANT PROGRAM.