Speaking up for IDPs

23.12.2013 12:44
Project Summary: 

Intelligent Citizen” Enlightenment Center Public Union (ICEC) is conducting “Speaking up for IDPs” project with partner organization Society for Humanitarian Research and Conciliation Recourses regarding IDP’s in Ganja city, districts of Goygol and Samukh.  The goal of the project is to build the capacity of the IDP youth to advocate for their rights and to prepare them for their future role as active citizens. It is planned to equip 15 young IDPs with the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, and monitor and evaluate a community-based advocacy campaigns as well as facilitate networking, exchange of information, sharing experiences and good practices among youth participants. The main target group of the project is 15 IDP youth ages 16-26 settled in Ganja city, districts of Goygol and Samukh.


The first session of the project was conducted 15th December 2013 at ICEC’s office. 15 young IDP youth and community leaders (İDP’s from Aghdam and Kalbajar) participating event has included understand and appreciate the concepts of advocacy and lobbying, be able to identify and analyze issues for advocacy, be able to create advocacy messages, develop an action plan to apply lobbying and advocacy skills on social issues of IDPs training session. In the end of the training session interactive discussions created a clear picture of the community and social problems of the IDP’s that might be resolved through advocacy campaigns. Advocacy trainer of the project Farid Zulfigarov has answered the questions of the participants as well as gave feed backs how to resolve the relevant problems through advocacy activity in their communities.


After a fruitful training and with the insistent initiatives of participants it was decided to conduct next sessions of the project within the communities with community leaders of IDP’s.