Towards a Better Understanding of Each Other

18.07.2013 12:56
Project Summary: 

This is an international project, which was implemented jointly with “South Resource Center” from Krasnodar province of Russian Federation and “Studio-Re” from Tbilisi Georgia. In the first phase of the project participatns, which were chosen through interviews, were given training in Social Psychology, Tolerance and Internarnational and Local Experince in Conflict Resolution. These trainings were conducted over a six week period by four separate trainers. Active participants were rewarded with certificates which included the logos of Black Sea Trust and “Intelligent Citizen" Enlightenment Center on them. Fourteen local active participants and 6 participants from Russia and Georgia were chosen by trainers and got the chance to participate in one week “Youth Peace School”. Trainings for “Youth Peace School” were tauhgt by local Azerbaijani and Russian trainers. In the final phase of this project participants from Georgia and Russia organized information sessions about trainings in their home countries and did a presentation about these for Azerbaijani participants.

International Youth Peace School

Friday, August 23, 2013 - 18:00