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Hasan Huseynli – Executive Director (


  1. Create a Vision
  2. Lead and Manage
  3. Engage the Community
  4. Manage Financial/Fundraising Affairs
  5. Support the Board of Directors
Nurana Qambarova – Financial Manager

She is responsible for preparing all the financial reports and delivering them to the appropriate governmental organizations and departments. Each month, she prepares accounting documents, calculation of employees’ wages and service fees, calculation of income taxes and the tax for State Social Protection Fund of Azerbaijan Republic. She also prepares monthly and quarterly reports of insurance payments, prepares documents about project expenses and payments for all other expenses.

Leyla Hamidova – EducationUSA Advisor (


  1. Establish effective advising relationships with students;
  2. Use key information resources to help students conduct a college search;
  3. Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate center staff;
  4. Assist students in financing their education in the U.S;
  5. Understand and be able to explain the structure of EducationUSA network, including internal and external stakeholders;
  6. Organize a physical advising center that effectively serves the needs of students and others stakeholders;
  7. Help students successfully navigate the visa process by providing guidance on:
  • Types of visas required for different populations;
  • Application requirements and procedures
Chuck Allton – Community Economic Development Advisor (Peace Corps Volunteer)


  1. To Focus on Organizational Development in areas such as Governance, Internal Management, Planning and Financial Management with the goal of Organizational Stability and Sustainability
  2. co-chairman of Chess Club
Rachel King – Peace Corps Volunteer


  1. Conducts TOEFL Speaking session
Amin Mehdi - Volunteer
Zamin Mammadli – Volunteer


  1. Conducts English Conversation Session
Nina Bumann - Volunteer (Switzerland)


  1. co-chairman of Environmental Club
Emin Mammadov - Volunteer

FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange Program) representative