Stop Human Trafficking

7.08.2013 23:46
About event: 

As we know, one of the major global problems of our day is Human Trafficking. According to statistics, 20 million people around the world each year are victims of human trafficking, 14 million of whom are also victims of domestic violence. This shows a clear link between violence and the likelihood that someone will fall prey human traffickers. Many times people fall into the world of Human Trafficking due to a lack of knowledge about the reality and severity of the issue. People may not know their rights, or they may grow up in a sheltered environment with no understanding that such a global tragedy exists.

American Council in cooperation with European Movement organizing a project aimed at educating the people of Azerbaijan specially the youth in order to better protect them and those they love from becoming the victims of human trafficking. The project will include educational training sessions in various regions and villages of Azerbaijan in August and September of 2013.  We want to make a step in order to educate Azerbaijani people about the dangers of human trafficking so that they will not become the next victims of such terrible crime.

In the framework of this project there will be organized training session on 12th of August at 15:00 at "Intelligent Citizen" Enlightenment Center Public Union in Ganja city.